Sunday, February 6, 2011

MEEAL 16 : Pot Lucky!

7 Plates!
That is a lot of food, but we happily managed...

Course 1:
spaghetti sqaush with meatless balls in sauce arrabbiata

Course 2:
crabby crab rangoon and scallions

Course 3:
puree of celery root soup with shards of baked parmesan cheese

Course 4:
sliced sirlion marinated in miso and wasabi then grilled to bloody perfection, paired with lemony sauteed brussel sprouts and pistachios

Course 5:
creamy shahi paneer (homemade paneer) on fennel infused basmati rice

Course 6:
rich chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings and rasberries

Course 7:
an army of red-velvet cake pops with dark chocolate shell

All of the plates were stunningly beautiful and delicious!
Everyone had the a chance to play in the kitchen then relax and be served.
We need to do this again very soon...I'm finally getting hungry.

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