Friday, June 11, 2010

MEEAL 10: Bonk

Hammer Gel, Gatorade, Salted Boiled Potatoes, Goo, Power Bars....a buffet of performance food product to replace the calories you may have burned while sitting in traffic or clicking through comcast.

Partake in the carbloaded caffinated prepackaged fuel feast. Nothing says summer like a mouthful of warm choclate muscle milk.


The lighting strike brunch on Monument Avenue was eaten without incedent (with exception of a couple of guests being too "Liberty Valanced" to make it to the first couple of courses). There were a few gawkers, photographers, and couch surfers...but the table was generally left to enjoy thier meal in as much peace as a traffic median can allow.


Surry Sausage in Buttermilk Pancake with Virginia Maple Syrup

Poached Egg over Wilted Spinach and Surry Ham on English Muffin, topped with Sauce Morney and Roasted Asparaguas

Balsalmic Vinegrette Chicken Salad with Spring Onions, Toasted Pecans, Strawberries, and Crostini

Honey Vanilla Ice Cream with Pecan Lace Cookie

Bloody Mary
Diluted Orange Juice over Ice (for our dehydrated friends)

Dogs Eat Free.