Saturday, June 4, 2011

MEEAL 17 : East End Victory Garden - POSTPONED

This meeal is a challenge to eat EXTREMELY locally....none of this "within 100 miles" stuff...We're tighting the food radius to 100 feet!

MEEAL 17: East End Victory Garden: Montrose Heights Yard-to-Table Supper

A sampling of Southern summer foods, featuring very very local ingredients.

**Postponed-with a chance of a late summer harvest. Even better! Stay tuned**

Seating Availability (12-14):
Suggested Donation: $20
Date: TDB
Location: Montrose Heights

Sunday, February 6, 2011

MEEAL 16 : Pot Lucky!

7 Plates!
That is a lot of food, but we happily managed...

Course 1:
spaghetti sqaush with meatless balls in sauce arrabbiata

Course 2:
crabby crab rangoon and scallions

Course 3:
puree of celery root soup with shards of baked parmesan cheese

Course 4:
sliced sirlion marinated in miso and wasabi then grilled to bloody perfection, paired with lemony sauteed brussel sprouts and pistachios

Course 5:
creamy shahi paneer (homemade paneer) on fennel infused basmati rice

Course 6:
rich chocolate mousse with chocolate shavings and rasberries

Course 7:
an army of red-velvet cake pops with dark chocolate shell

All of the plates were stunningly beautiful and delicious!
Everyone had the a chance to play in the kitchen then relax and be served.
We need to do this again very soon...I'm finally getting hungry.


The food was GREEN the atmosphere had ART IN IT!
Over all delicious and cool...especially if you accidentally stomp through the indoor wishing well.

Pinot grigio
San pellegrino
Secretive styrofoam cups with false colorful beverage screen to hide the debauchery within.

Guacamus or hummumole and toasted pita wdeges
Spinach salad with goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinagrete

Creamy spinach alfredo with roasted green and red peppers
over fettucini and chicken sausage

Key lime pie
Mint chocolate chip ice cream

Go to the Reference gallery, they might have leftovers.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

MEEAL 16 - pot LUCKY

a DIY meeal

bring a small plate composition : savory and/or sweet : we want it all
enough portions to share with a minimum of 10 people.
(drink accompaniments are encouraged...otherwise bring for you and yours)

in house access to stove-oven-microwave-fridge-outlets-tools-utensils-plates

seating availability : wandering space for plenty
suggested donation: your FOODS
date: January 29th 8:00pm
location: 2735 west grace street apt 1