Thursday, May 13, 2010

MEEAL 9: PrimaVera....Sort of

Menu moved from a study in pancake (or flat flour-y things processed with heat)...with some spring thrown in there.

Momument and Boulevarde, Stone Wall Jackson will hold the table.

Alternate: 2735 West Grace St, Apt 1.

MEEAL 8: Mojo De Ajo-Say What?-EEATEN

Buffet you could load up your tortilla soup and tacos with as much sweet garlicy goodness (mojo de ajo) as possible.

La Carta:

Tortilla Soup, both chicken and vegetarian, piled with crispy fresh tortilla chips and accessorized as desired (see list below).

Taco Assembly Options (including but not limited to):
-Roasted Pork (with the texture of velvet butter)
-Mojo de Ajo Grilled Shrimp
-Wild Mushrooms and Spinach Saute
-Roasted Corn Salsa
-Queso Fresca
-Pico de Gallo
-Various Salsas
-on and on...

Dessert was a tropical fruit (pineapple, coconut, orange, lemon) sorbet...served in it's shell.

Drinks were buffet style as well, promoting memorable concoctions such as the "Flaming Wheeler"-strawberry puree, lime juice with simple syrup, tonic water, vodka, and a couple drops jalapeno wine.

*Appetizers-Grazing on the house herb garden.

A good time and a wrestled Pomeranian.